Text Box: Collaborative teamwork is essential in any sound production environment. Our commitment to you is to provide a cost effective solution that meets your objectives. Whether we fabricate a mounting bracket or design a complex Finishing Range, our staff is devoted to providing you with a solution that meets your intended application.
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Speed Trim Compensators
Winders and Unwinders
Center and Edge Guiders
Tubular Accessories

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Pile Height characterization  and Measurement Systems
SPC / MRP Integration


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Services and Capabilities:

Text Box: -Shears                  -Tigers
-Polishers               -Nappers
-Sanders                -Sueders
-Winders                -Accumulator

PowerStream Technologies, LLC

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Precision Thermal Plates
Infra-Red Heat Plates
Automatic Lubrication Systems (Oil &Grease) 
Automatic Seam Detection
Closed Loop Tension Control Kits
Various Multi-Vendor Mod Kits
Air Hone Systems
On-Line Worker Grinding Kits

Aftermarket Products