Text Box: Special Purpose, Thermal, Cutting and Grinding Rolls: Fabrication,  Repair &  Re-Conditioning

Roll dimensions up to 14” Diameter X 14’ Length
Precision grinding and surfacing
Dynamic balancing
Roll covering and reconditioning
Gudgeon assembly replacement and repair
Specializing in web handling rolls for textile and paper industries
Text Box: Thru-hardened  Textile Revolver 
Text Box: Thermal Cylinder (Left)  Up To: - 750 Degrees F and 48” Diameter x 140” Text Box: Precision Machining and Fabrication
Text Box: Design and Drafting

Three-dimensional modeling and design 
Two-dimensional standardized drafting/design
Prototype design and analysis
CAD standardization for existing drafting libraries

Text Box: Three dimensional spatial simulation of prototype brushing machine

Mechanical Design and Depot Services:

PowerStream Technologies, LLC

Empowering People through Automation

Text Box: Precision O.D. and surface grinding  up to 120”  in length Precision turning up to 140” between centers 
Precision milling of complex geometrical  shapes and configurations
Gearing (Spur, Helical, Bevel, Parallel Spline,  and Involute Curved Spline)
Boring (ID, OD and Blind) 
Tool and Die fabrication Prototyping


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